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"Spuditor" Space Spuddy

Soft and huggable "Spuditor" Space Spuddy is the perfect sofa buddy for all you "Star Wars" or science fiction following couch potatoes.  This cute and cuddly cushion has three pockets at the back to hold all your galactic gadgets (remote control/mobile phone), rocket fuel (soft drink/beer) and energy snacks.  Ideal present for adults and kids alike.  Part of a 6 piece collection.  Others in the Space Spuddy range are Alien Spuddy, Truper Spuddy, Dark Raider Spuddy, Soda Spuddy and Chewy Spuddy!  May the Spuds be with you!! 

Approx size 30cm x25cm x12cm

Brand: Brandwell


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